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“What I’d Say to the ‘Sandy 20′”


Originally Published in The Finger Lakes Times I never got a chance to meet the Sandy Hook 20. But if I had, I’d ask about their favorite food, their goals, their views on the world, what makes them laugh, and if they were happy.   I’d tell them that if Jesus met them, he’d remind them they belong to “the kingdom of God,” if Muhammad met them he’d hug them, if Buddha...

Muhammad: When bad things happen to good people, maintain trust in God


Originally Published in The Washington Post As we prepare to lay 26 souls to rest in Newtown, Conn., countless are left behind, alone. As long as good people have existed, bad things have happened to them. And as long as religion has existed, believers and non-believers alike rightfully ask, “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?” Islam’s answer to the question of suffering does not...