Sudan Government Tells Young Christian Woman to Recant or Die


Originally published in On Faith Mariam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag is a 27-year-old woman in Sudan who has been sentenced to the death penalty for the charge of apostasy based on the allegation that she was born a Muslim but has embraced Christianity and then married a Christian man. The Sudanese Alhag Yousif Criminal Court had given her until Thursday to not only recant her belief in Christianity but...

Pakistani teen spoke against injustice


Originally published in The BaltimoreSun.com  Originally published in The BaltimoreSun.com As a Muslim, I am appalled by the Taliban’s recent attack on the Pakistani teenager Malala Yousefzai, a blogger and female education rights activist (“Outspoken teen shot,” Oct. 10). Islam is not only opposed to such senseless violence but obligates all believers to acquire knowledge. The...