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Muslim Writers Guild of America

The premier writers guild in the English language dedicated to defending the honor of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Reading Time: 1 minutesOriginally Published in The Roanoke Times As an American Muslim, I am obligated to serve my country. Thus it is an obligation for me to make it known that Donald Trump will not “make America great again,” as he promises. Rather, he will make us weaker than we have ever

Reading Time: 2 minutesOriginally posted in Dawn  IMAGINE sending your child to school in uniform in the morning, and finding him in a casket in the afternoon. Imagine having your child’s blood-stained clothes brought back to you, the dreams that you had for them shattered. Instead of your child arranging for your burial

Reading Time: 1 minutesOriginally posted on Daily Progress “Make America Great Again” is a quote used by the GOP front runner Donald Trump repeatedly where he is aiming supposedly to make America great, but so far all we have heard from the candidate is to ban Muslims or remove Muslims from America. I

Reading Time: 4 minutesOriginally posted in The Huffington Post The spate of violent crimes being committed by mentally deranged, religious hypocrites is very concerning, and could not have been ordered by God the Almighty. Thus crime and terrorism such as San Bernadino, Paris massacre, Charlie Hebdo shooting and other violent acts perpetrated by

Reading Time: 1 minutesTo the editor: The rise of Islamaphobia in America is alarming for me as an American Muslim. I, along with countless others, have lived peacefully in this country, being a sound citizen while practicing my religion freely. Donald Trump’s recent comments have lead me to wonder why should people of

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe attack in San Bernardino, which left 14 dead and many others wounded, was a terrible and tragic incident. As an Ahmadi Muslim and a human being, I must strongly condemn the shooters for this heinous crime which violates humanity and the religious teachings of Islam. Neither this incident nor

Reading Time: 6 minutesOriginally published in Patheos Dr. Stephen M. Kirby is a noted bigot whose mission is only to spread hatred of Muslims.  He makes no bones about his hatred for Islam or Muslims.  His stated goal is to prove that the violence committed by the likes of ISIS is inspired by

Reading Time: 1 minutesOriginally published on By targeting a soccer game, restaurant and concert hall, Islamic State terrorists tried to upset the normalcy of ordinary Parisians. Places like those targeted are the sort of spots where the ordinary young folks of Paris gather on the weekends to unwind after a week of

Reading Time: 1 minutesOriginally published in The Daily Times Sir: Once again, a minority community in Pakistan is under siege. Be it Shia, Christian, Hindu or Ahmedi, the jahils (illiterates) keep doing what they do best: exert violence for no reason. We are fighting a war against terrorism and the Pakistan army is

Reading Time: 1 minutesOriginally posted on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzete  With their despicable acts of terror inflicted on innocent Parisians, the Islamic State group is trying to suck more and more countries into the war in Syria. These cowardly terrorists have not only taken the lives of 129 people but also have taken peace