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Originally Published in The San Francisco Chronicle and The Sacramento Bee

I find it alarming that Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, has been declared “sane” by Norwegian courts (“Mass murderer gets at least 21-year term,” Aug. 25).

Indeed, being declared sane was part of Breivik’s master plan. He wanted to murder, get caught and draw public attention to his manifesto alleging Islam as a threat to Europe – all in hopes of recruiting like-minded individuals to spread anarchy.

Sound familiar? That’s exactly what so-called Muslim fundamentalists do. But they are not sane, and I hope they will never be legitimized as such.

I’m a Muslim. The Quran teaches, “Saving one life is akin to saving all of humanity” (5:33). This September, join the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA in collecting blood through its nationwide Muslims for Life campaign. We want to honor the lives of 9/11 victims. The message is simple: The terrorists will never win.


Saad Karamat, Sacramento


About the author

Saad Karamat

Saad Karamat is a recent graduate of University of California, Berkeley, where he studied global poverty and public health. He is an aspiring physician and humanitarian.

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By Saad Karamat