The Right Response to Offensive Movie

Originally Published in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

This 12 year old Muslim-American wants to know why an offensive movie was made against his holy founder the Prophet Muhammad. The film portrayed him as a warmonger, whereas he lived and taught peace and harmony.

I belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, and we were very hurt by the news of the film. Instead of violent protest, however, we turned to doing what the Prophet did: When people tried to bring him down, he helped bring them up.

Just this month, we raised thousands of bags of blood in our nationwide Muslims for Life drive to honor the victims of 9/11. In a few days, we will walk to raise half a million dollars to help the hungry in America. Spreading hatred never makes sense. But the Prophet’s advice to respond with kindness does.

Khalid Husain
Pittsburgh (Indiana Township), PA

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