Obama must seek justice, peace


Originally published in TribStar

Congratulations to President Obama for winning the election.  As a Muslim, Islam, justice and peace are synonymous.  Justice and peace are the building blocks for any successful society.

A society in which free thought is hindered goes against the principles of Islam and democracy. The Qur’an says, “There is no compulsion in religion.” 2:256. Democracy, without force, assists citizens to feel as if they are part of a just and peaceful system; Islam merely teaches us how to do this in the best example.

Prophet Muhammad said, “Respect your leader even if his head is the size of a dried grape.”  For Muslims, respecting leaders is an obligation.  Political differences are healthy to spring fresh ideas. There will always be differences in opinions; however, we must make sure that justice is a vital element of a peaceful society. If we hope to reach political cohesiveness, then Mr. Obama must place absolute justice and peace above all else.

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Hanan Shahid
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By Hanan Shahid