A Muslim’s Plea for Gun Control


Originally published in The Star Local Media

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people – but is this really an excuse for the heinous acts that strip away innocent lives year after year?

The vast majority of us are law-abiding, responsible gun owners. However, there will always be a select few that jeopardize our rights. It is an unfair truth in life. Churches are being desecrated, school students are being gunned down, and even a movie theater elicits anxiety in the minds of a few.

 Being a Muslim American, my community and I champion the second amendment and the right to self-defense. The Quran even protects this right in 22:39-41 by obliging all Muslims to protect churches, synagogues, and Temples under attack. As an American, I love our nation’s freedom and democracy and therefore I implore that we sensibly advocate the necessary procedures to control such violent acts.

Yes, people kill people, but this is not an excuse to sit helplessly when something can be done.

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Tahmid Asad
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By Tahmid Asad