A hope for peace in President Barack Obama’s second term



Originally Published in the Appleton Post Crescent

Barack ObamaNow the second term has officially begun for President Obama and I am excited to see the results of ‘Change’ and ‘Hope.’  I wished for a democratic candidate to win, and more importantly I want a peaceful country.

As a Muslim-American we have a firm belief on justice and we want it in everything we do. We do not want to see hunger, poverty, internal fighting, and public violence. When we remove these from our society then we can achieve peace. A peaceful America is a strong America.

We made a change in Obama’s first term, and now hope for justice and peace in his second term.

About the author

Syed Usman Ahmed

Syed Usman Ahmed lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He has a degree in computer engineering and works in the IT industry.

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By Syed Usman Ahmed