A Muslim tradition of good works

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Originally published in Akron Beacon Journal


If the Quran says that Muslims are “raised for the good of mankind,” then how are Muslims benefiting the society around them?

I cannot speak for the 2.2 billion Muslims throughout the world, but I can tell you that the community I belong to, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, has a 125-year track record of being a peaceful and service-oriented organization.

I can tell you that we, in the spirit of the verse quoted above, under the charity Humanity First, are actively providing aid to the victims of the tornado that ripped through Oklahoma.

We were there after Katrina; we were there after Sandy; and now we are there again, in Oklahoma.

So please, focus on and encourage the benefits that countless American Muslims bring to the table rather than the damage meted out by a few extremists.

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