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Originally published in Akron Beacon Journal


As an American Muslim, I am blessed to be able to have an abundant source of food and water that I can gladly have access to every day. During the holy month of Ramadan, however, it is prescribed that I give up this liberty of having any nourishment whatsoever from dawn to sunset — aside from a meal before sunrise. Why?

It is because fasting serves as a way for us as Muslims to ultimately gain the pleasure of God. It also serves as a constant reminder for us to sympathize with all those people throughout the world who struggle in starvation.

In essence, not only is fasting spiritually enlightening, but also beneficial for the body.

Lastly, fasting can be a means of creating a sense of solidarity in our Muslim community, because many religions around the world fast in some capacity. Recognizing and acknowledging this can enhance a mutual respect and understanding between different faiths and religions around the world.


– Samar Ahmad

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