Islamic extremists hijack religion

Originally Published in USA Today

As a Muslim American, I am saddened to hear the news of the terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya. An al-Qaeda affiliated-group, al-Shabab, has claimed responsibility.

In addition to the loss of innocent life, I am saddened that the terrorists are attributing their act to Islam. According to eyewitnesses, they killed only non-Muslims. They must deeply reflect on the Quran, which, while promoting sanctity of life, declares, “Whosoever killed a person … it shall be if he had killed all mankind; and whoso saved a life, it shall be as if he saved all mankind.” This verse does not differentiate between Muslims and non-Muslims.

By acting against the Quranic instruction to Muslims, these terrorists have clearly demonstrated that they are not true followers of Islam.

Nasir Ahmad; Tinton Falls, N.J.

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