A tangible, deep reminder of veterans’ sacrifices


Originally Published in Oklahoma News


“Love for one’s homeland is a part of faith.” Many of us may be surprised that this is a saying of Muhammad, a man whose words I use as personal guiding principles in life. These words have been an inspiration for me over the course of the past year while working as a physician in the Veteran’s Administration. Seeing these men and women who chose to step forward to serve their country, and helping them work through injuries and health issues that are a tangible and deep reminder of the degree of their sacrifice, is a reward that I may not have been able to receive had it not been for the loyalty to my country that is so important in my faith.

This is why I joined the V.A. and why I’m ever thankful to our veterans.

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Yameen Khalil

Yameen Khalil is currently a supervising physician in primary care working for the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) in Oklahoma, U.S. Prior to working in the VA he has done research in medical genetics and anesthesia. He currently serves as Vice Chair for the Muslim Writers Guild of America, in charge of author recruitment and editing for opinion editorials.

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Avatar photo By Yameen Khalil