The Many Benefits of Ramadan

Originally published in Youngstown News


The month of July for many people means lots of sunshine and fun in the middle of summer. This year, for Muslims, it means Ramadan has come. If you have reached maturity, it is a full month from June 28 to the end of July, getting up at sunrise for a meal, and waiting until sunset to break the fast. Sure it’s tough, but there are many benefits of Ramadan.

It stimulates the pain that the poor who go hungry experience, which in turn promotes charity and empathy for the poor. The month is meant to enhance spirituality as well as provide physical benefits. These include detoxifying the body as well as preventing excessive eating. One of the biggest benefits is creating an atmosphere of abstaining from sins. The philosophy is, if you can stop yourself from eating and drinking for spirituality, then you gain self-control that helps avoid vices and sins.

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