Honoring Ramadan


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honoring ramadan

As we find ourselves in the Islamic month of Ramadan, I do not lament the hours of thirst or hunger but rather, look forward to the ability to purify myself spiritually, mentally and physically.

Ramadan serves as reminder to Muslims of the plight of the less fortunate sections of our society and helps us empathize with their daily struggles.

This is beautifully summarized by the Prophet Muhammad, who stated, “He is not a believer, who eats his fill while his neighbor goes hungry.”

We attempt to clean our spirits as Ramadan encourages us to refrain from swearing, arguing and other sins that could lead to conflict with our fellow human beings and disappointment from our Creator.

Moreover, science has proven that modest caloric deprivation similar to healthy individuals who fast may ward off illnesses such as diabetes and the production of cancerous cells, according to a recent study conducted by the University of Southern California.

Thus, the month serves as an avenue to better ourselves in multiple ways.

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