ISIS is un-Islamic


Originally published in The Morning Call

e peaceful religion of Islam is yet again being dishonored by the barbaric acts of the militant group ISIS (“Chaos in Baghdad,” Aug. 12). It has taken over key parts of Northern Iraq, demolished several holy sites and has targeted many minority groups. The group’s members have also threatened the Christians living in the cities they have taken over to convert to Islam, pay a fine, or die. The ironic thing is, they are doing all this in the name of Islam.

The Holy Quran, however, commands Muslims to protect all sites of worship regardless of what religion they belong to (22:41). The Prophet Muhammad very explicitly condemned the persecution specifically against Christians in a letter to St. Catherine’s monastery. The Holy Quran has set a very simple principle for those who do not wish to become Muslims, and that is, “For you your religion, and for me my religion” (109:7).

In short, whatever atrocities ISIS is committing in the name of Islam are completely un-Islamic.


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By Zafir Ahmed