Muslims in America have aggressively condemned all forms of violence

Originally published in NewsOK

Regarding “Both sides due criticism in Oklahoma-Islam flap” (Your Views, Sept. 21): State Rep. John Bennett’s wholesale condemnation of Islam paints a negative picture of Oklahoma. That’s why I appreciated that The Oklahoman repudiated Bennett’s remarks. But I must take exception to one statement in the editorial: “CAIR and other Islamic groups should be more demonstrative (and timely) in their denunciation of Islamic terrorism.”


Muslims in America have aggressively condemned all forms of violence in the name of Islam. For example, the Muslim Writers Guild of America has published more than 1,000 articles since 9/11 condemning terrorism. It has published books saying that the teachings of ISIS and its ilk are perversions of Islam. The leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has time and again shown what a real Caliph of Islam stands for by relentlessly condemning all terrorist actions and imploring us to act to serve humanity. The secret to our unwavering commitment to peace may surprise Bennett. We follow every single verse of the Koran without perversion, which has guided us toward loyalty and love of this nation.

While it pains me when Bennett wrongly condemns the Koran’s beautiful teachings, I know that my fellow Oklahomans will continue to lovingly embrace me as an equal.


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