Joining Hands


Originally Published in The Philadelphia Enquirer and the USA Today

As a Muslim living in America, I wondered if I should celebrate Thanksgiving. Sure, I enjoy eating turkey, gathering around with family members to watch a good game of football and spending the weekend with them, but what does my faith say about this?

I recently read a passage in the Quran that stated, “If you are grateful, I will surely bestow more favors on you.” The idea of being grateful and giving thanks is something that has been cultivated in me by my religion. It’s the same reason the original Thanksgiving feast was organized after the Pilgrims’ corn harvest proved successful in 1621.

So as I spend quality time with my family this weekend, I can proudly say that this holiday is something that goes hand in hand with my faith.

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Madeel Abdullah

Madeel Abdullah professionally works as an anesthesiologist in Philadelphia, PA. A practicing Ahmadi Muslim, he is a husband and father of two.

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