MUSLIM: Texas attack condemned


Originally Published in CDA Press

As a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I condemn the attack on the event hosted by American Freedom Defense Initiative in Garland, Texas, where the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad were displayed.

As a Muslim living in the U.S., I also bring to question the intent of the organization hosting this event. If the intent was to dishonor Prophet Muhammad then I ask, how does one dishonor a man with impeccable honor? A person whose own example showed that he endured verbal abuse from the poets of Mecca and told his followers to not harm these poets and protected their freedom of speech.

Muslims know that they have to follow the example of Prophet Muhammad in their lives. Therefore, following the example of Prophet Muhammad, the Muslims in the U.S. should support and protect the freedom of speech for all.

The event’s organizers have used the argument that the cartoons demonstrate that their right to free speech will not be curtailed. However, even with the unfortunate events of Garland, Texas, the freedom of speech remains protected. It seems to me that the intent of the organization, that has also been labeled as a hate group, was only to demonize Muslims.



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