Amid agony, Muslims should follow the prophet’s peaceful stance

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This Muslim-American is pained, on the one hand, to witness violent extremism perpetrated in the name of Islam, for example, by the Islamic State group or Boko Haram, and on the other hand, to see noxious caricatures that defame the Prophet Muhammad drawn in public demonstrations by Islamophobes. Both entities are completely ignorant of the noble character of the prophet, who defended the rights of minorities and the freedom of all religions.

In the face of mockery, the prophet simply advised forbearance. In retaliation, he raised his hands, not to wield a sword, but to pray that God might stir a change in the hearts of his enemies toward decency and a true understanding of the faith.

The leader of my Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, his Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, whom we revere as the “Khalifa” of Islam, has called on Muslims worldwide to follow the peaceful stance of the prophet in this moment of agony.

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