Islamaphobes abuse rights

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Another “Draw the Prophet Muhammad” cartoon contest took place recently outside of a Phoenix mosque, followed by anti-Islam protests. The event organizer called for participants to wear T-shirts that cursed Islam and to bring firearms. I think freedom of speech is a beautiful thing in America, which should be given to all humans of the world. However, I do not understand why Islamaphobes continue to abuse the right, by being disrespectful, provocative, and hateful at such an absurd level.

How can the event’s organizer, a former Marine, betray his fellow brothers of the military who are serving in unstable Islamic countries, by feeding into the narrative that the West is at war with Islam? It is time to drop the hateful rhetoric and instead approach our differences in a peaceful way.

Labeeb Ahmad, North Canton

Labeeb Ahmad is regional representative for the Muslim Writers Guild.

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