Letters to The Editor – Free speech

Originally Published in Adviser and Source

There is no question regarding the condemnation of the attacks in Garland, Texas. As an Ahmadi Muslim I believe whole heartedly in the sanctity of human life and reject violence, terror, and extremism.

Interestingly though, Pamela Gellar continues to push the conversation to “Free Speech” and whether or not Islam would agree with it. I didn’t think that as an American I had to prove my loyalty to the First amendment. But here it goes anyway:

I will defend with my last breath protecting someone’s right to free speech. But that doesn’t mean I have to agree, like, or even be OK with what they are saying. Basically Pamela Gellar, yes, you have the right to be a rude, insensitive, and disrespectful human being. But that doesn’t mean society shouldn’t roll their eyes every time you open your mouth and spew your hatred. So are we clear?


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