Muslim youth group seeks to stop radicalization through education

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Originally published in Canton Repository

As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, I am concerned about the number of young Muslims who are being attracted to radical ideologies.

News stories continue to circulate about many being inspired by terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State, as we now hear about the hostage situation that took place at a cafe in Sydney, Australia. The perpetrator was forcing the hostages to hold up an ISIS flag which read the kalimah, a tenet of Muslim belief. Globally, incidents such as these are becoming far too common.

In response to these issues, AMYA held an event titled “Islamic Solutions to Muslim Youth Radicalization,” which hosted United Nations delegates from several countries. It also started a nationwide initiative, “Stop the Crisis,” which seeks to address the lack of understanding of Islam through lectures at universities, libraries and other venues.

The only way to defeat such radicalization is through education, and this what AMYA seeks to do.




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