Stop the ‘CrISIS’


Originally posted in Rochester Media

Why are our Christian brothers and sisters being murdered so brutally? It sickens me that ISIS executed 30 Ethiopian Christians the other day. And while grieving for my fellow human beings, I am both angered and puzzled.

The terrorist organization known as ISIS are sociopaths. I have accepted the logic behind that. What I cannot accept is their inhumane reasoning to kill our brothers and sisters in the name of Islam. Have they forgotten that the first Muslims to find refuge away from persecution, found it under a Christian King in Abyssinia (today Ethiopia)? It was he who gave them asylum to live in peace.

How dare ISIS lay even a finger on any Ethiopian Christian let alone any Christian in this world. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Metro Detroit stands with our Christian brothers and sisters as we all cry out in one voice, “Stop the CrISIS.” Those Christians that were slain are true martyrs; not the barbaric suicide bombers that have no regard for humanity. To every Christian that mourns this day, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Metro Detroit also mourns with you.

About the author

Mahir Osman

Mahir Osman lives in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan and is well known as a community leader and advocate within the region. Serving as the Public Affairs Secretary for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Metro Detroit, Osman has built relationships with local Mayors, Council Members, State Representatives, and Congressional Representatives. For the past 15 years, Osman has independently studied Theology and Comparative Religions, primarily early Christianity and the New Testament, to better understand why individuals believe what they believe. And therefore, focuses on writing pieces, both religious and political, that would not hold any biases and focus primarily on facts, rational, and justice.

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By Mahir Osman