Grief for humanity


Originally published in The San Antonio Express

As a moderate American Muslim, it is painful to watch my faith be hijacked on a daily basis and see the damage that groups like ISIS are doing. As Japan weeps for Haruna Yukawaand Kenji Goto, and Jordan grieves for Muath al-Kaseasbeh, so do I.

I condemn any and every action of ISIS in the strongest possible words. ISIS is an enemy of humanity. Religious or not, man or woman, Muslim or Christian, ISIS has no place among reasonable human beings. Every day, I hope and pray that the ugly, twisted and incorrect contortion of Islam that is ISIS is eradicated entirely.

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Umar Ahmed

Umar Ahmed is currently pursuing a Masters of Health Administration at Texas State University. He serves as co-Vice Chairman of the Muslim Writers Guild of America, his main duties include recruiting and encouraging writers as well as editing letters to editors. Umar's hobbies include reading and hiking.

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Avatar photo By Umar Ahmed