Ben Carson’s Views on Islam


Originally published in the New York Post

I am confused by Republican candidate Ben Carson regarding his comments while he was on NBC’s “Meet the Press” during Sunday’s show.

When asked about a Muslim being president, he stated, “I absolutely would not agree with that.” Expressing that a religion cannot be inconsistent with the American principles and values, he further said that Islam is not consistent with the U.S. Constitution. However, I completely disagree with Carson.

Core Islamic values align beautifully with American values. Freedom of speech, racial and sexual equality, freedom of religion, and many other concepts are explicitly exhibited by the Quran, the life and sayings of the prophet Muhammad or both. Islam calls for the people to choose the most just ruler. Islam teaches to only wage defensive wars or help those who are oppressed. Islam calls for the spread of wealth and charity. To help the poor and to spend your life serving humanity. Islam calls for tolerance for all groups of people. Lying and deceit are among the most frowned upon sins. Islam calls for a separation of church and state. Most importantly, Islam calls for peace at every circumstance of life.

In my opinion, a Muslim leader might just be what this country needs. Carson’s statements are unconstitutional, as displaying such a high extent of bias for someone’s religion is wrong. Thomas Jefferson himself was an avid reader of the Quran. I hope everyone realizes that the religion of Islam is not an enemy of America; prejudice, hate, and ignorance are however.

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Labeeb Ahmad

is a freshman at Kent State University’s BS/MD 6 year program. He currently serves as a Vice-Chairman of the Muslim Writers Guild of America He has been published in various local, state, and national newspapers. He is also a secretary of the Cleveland Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. His hobbies include reading, interfaith dialogue, writing, and playing basketball.

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