Islam’s teachings violated


Originally posted on The Boston Herald

If Daesh (or the Islamic State) is at war, why doesn’t it follow the rules of war set forth by the Prophet Muhammad (“Crowds slaughtered in French terror attacks,” Nov. 14)? Among other things, Muhammad’s guidance for the battlefield included: “Do not commit treachery, or deviate from the right path. …Neither kill a child, nor a woman, nor an aged man.”

Did ISIS not get the memo? The Paris attacks, to take but one example, make plain that the Islamic State is not following these rules. Justifying its actions by claiming them to be based on Islam is completely outrageous.

As an Ahmadi Muslim, I believe that the killing of any innocent creation of God is not allowed in Islam.

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Ijaz Ahmed

Ijaz Ahmed obtained his PhD in organic chemistry from Syracuse University and am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. He is currently serving as General Secretary and Publications Secretary for the Association of Ahmadi Muslim Scientists (AAMS-USA).

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Avatar photo By Ijaz Ahmed