The Jahils of Jhelum


Originally published in The Daily Times

Sir: Once again, a minority community in Pakistan is under siege. Be it Shia, Christian, Hindu or Ahmedi, the jahils (illiterates) keep doing what they do best: exert violence for no reason. We are fighting a war against terrorism and the Pakistan army is making every attempt to defeat extremism but the mindset of the common people in Pakistan is not changing much. If we are going to end extremism then we must end it on all levels. The tragedy in Jhelum against the Ahmedi community is a test for the Pakistani government. Will it take steps to punish the perpetrators or will this be just another incident against the Ahmedi community where eventually the criminals run off scot-free? Will the jahils of Jhelum be caught and punished or will we let the jahils continue to exert their jahalat (barbarism)?

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