Combating Islamophobia


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The Paris terrorist attacks have fueled rising Islamophobia in America. Presidential candidates have called for a national database of Muslims and surveillance of mosques. The House of Representatives has passed the bill to temporarily halt the Syrian and Iraqi refugee program.

As a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim community, I advocate for proper and useful security measures and welcome any visitor to our mosques including law enforcement officials. However, I remind all Americans not to forget the spirit of acceptance and charity that is a fundamental part of the recent Thanksgiving holiday.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community in the U.S. honors this spirit through its charitable efforts which have resulted in 180,000 fellow Americans being fed in the past year along with 5,000 units of blood being collected to honor 9/11 victims. I encourage my fellow Americans to promote this, the true teaching of Islam, as a powerful tool against Muslim radicalization and Islamophobia alike.

Let us not stereotype an entire faith based upon the perverted beliefs and horrific acts of a rogue minority. Let us not create a divide among ourselves, and not allow ISIS to win

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Nasir Ahmad

Clinical Professor of Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School - Rutgers University, and specialist in Infectious Diseases, Nasir is the recipient of the prestigious Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Gold) in 2009. He writes on various topics including Islam in America, patriotism, religious freedom, etc and has published extensively both locally and nationally.

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