Discover the 
true Islam


Discover the 
true Islam

As an American Muslim, I condemn the senseless attacks of ISIS and all other terror groups in the last few weeks. These unholy savages have no place in Islam, any other religion, or in all humanity.

With all that is going on, what can the ordinary citizen do? We can do the polar opposite of what ISIS wants us to do. It wants Muslims in the West to be alienated from their communities, so that they truly believe Islam is at war with the West.

And what do we see? An alarming growth of Islamaphobia, including protests and rallies in front of mosques, violence toward Muslims and even leading presidential candidates comparing Muslims to rabid dogs.

I call upon my American brothers and sisters to befriend and learn about the peaceful Muslims who follow the true Islam, which calls for justice and order, protection of all human life and freedom of conscience. Now more than ever, we don’t need hate, intolerance and violence; instead, we need tolerance, pluralism, unity and brotherhood.

Labeeb Ahmad


Muslim Writers Guild of America

North Canton

Originally posted in: The Akron Beacon Journal

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