Green man calls Islamaphobia ‘alarming’


To the editor:

The rise of Islamaphobia in America is alarming for me as an American Muslim. I, along with countless others, have lived peacefully in this country, being a sound citizen while practicing my religion freely. Donald Trump’s recent comments have lead me to wonder why should people of my faith be treated differently because of what an extreme minority do? If we held this same attitude for all people, this world would be an extremely hateful and bigoted place. Muslims do great things for this nation, and honestly this country wouldn’t be the same without Muslims. Muslims populate universities, grow businesses small and large and join the armed forces. It surprises me how much attention Islamaphobia has gotten. Donald Trump, along with all Americans, are smarter than this. We need to separate these radical terrorist groups from the religion of Islam.

Mohammad Malik, Muslim Writers Guild of America, Green

Originally Posted in: Akron Ohio News

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