Why must Muslims apologize for murders, but not Christians?

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The attack in San Bernardino, which left 14 dead and many others wounded, was a terrible and tragic incident.

As an Ahmadi Muslim and a human being, I must strongly condemn the shooters for this heinous crime which violates humanity and the religious teachings of Islam. Neither this incident nor any incident involving lunatics committing acts of murder should ever be politicized or sensationalized.

Yet not long after the shooting, media outlets were reporting he was a Muslim and had possible ties to terrorist groups who claimed to commit horrible crimes in the name of Islam.

Last week, another lunatic, a Christian, shot up a clinic where abortions took place yet religion was not an issue. In fact, many people on social media were supportive of his actions. No demands were made of Christians to apologize on behalf of the shooter.

On the other hand, there have been calls for restrictions on Muslims, even genocide. Islam is not a real issue but it is a convenient scapegoat to ignore other, much more serious issues such as gun violence. We cannot give in to bigotry and add to the problems which are ruining our country.

Originally Posted in: The Fresno Bee
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