Double standard


Originally posted on the Longview News-Journal

Another mass shooting in San Bernardino and far too many this year alone. Our sincere condolences to the families of those who have lost their loved ones and we wish the injured a speedy recovery.

Although the perpetrators of mass shootings are of varied background, the actions of those with Muslim names are easily attributed to Islam, which condemns the taking of innocent lives other than in situations of self defense. Such attribution results in hatred for the majority of the peaceful Muslims who are working hard to build this nation or even saving lives through their professions.

The double standard in the reporting of such violence in the media is so clear that when the perpetrator has a Christian name, the motive of the killing is not associated to his faith, such as the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado by Robert Dear.

As the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, we have launched the True Islam Campaign to educate people about the true peaceful teachings of Islam, something we have preached and practiced over a century since its foundation.

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By Kwabena Osman