Kathleen Kane brings shame upon PA

Originally published in Montgomery News

I feel so much shame being a resident of Pennsylvania, because this past week I learned my attorney general is a criminal. This is shocking to me because her message during her campaign was, “I am not a politician, I am a prosecutor.” I can’t help but think of the example of leadership of the Prophet Muhammad.

Muhammad is considered by Muslims as the best example of leadership of all time. He never displayed arrogance and was always humble. There is a narration that during the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, when he clearly had the upper hand, he accepted many demands of the oppressors, including removing his title of prophet from the treaty. When the Fall of Mecca occurred, rather than having a huge victory parade and shunning his opponents, he held his head down low in humility and patiently moved to the Kaaba.

I hope the attorney general realizes her mistakes and tries to reform herself by following examples of true leadership, like we find in Prophet Muhammad.

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