No justice, no peace


Originally published in The Columbus Dispatch

By Abdul-Muizz Kamal-Muili

ISIS gained relevance on the international scene in the last decade. Prior to this time, Saddam Husain, though admittedly an oppressive ruler, kept relative law and order. However the situation in Iraq changed after the western world invaded the country on flawed and over-exaggerated evidences of Iraq creating a nuclear weapon as exposed by the Chilcot report. This invasion paved way for the removal of Saddam Husain, a destabilized Iraq, and a breeding ground for the rise of ISIS in the vacuum the toppling created.

Furthermore, this unjust war has caused over 180,000 civilian deaths. Activities of ISIS in Iraq and rest of the world is creating unease and disharmony among nations. However, we should not put the blame solely on the extremist ideologies because without the misguided military action in Iraq, the terrorist groups would not have emerged.

To bring about true peace, first and foremost, we need justice. The Holy Quran states, “…Let not a people’s enmity incite you to act otherwise than with justice. Be always just, that is nearer to righteousness” (5:9). It is only when we base foreign policies around dealing with nations justly and not for short-term personal gain can we hope to achieve a lasting peaceful resolution.

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