A Response To Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting: Love For All Hatred For None

Originally Posted on The Huffington Post

I was attending a LIVE online conference this morning when a friend’s email instantly brought tears to my eyes. He broke the news of the tragic shooting at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee. I was racked with pain. My first reaction was to pray to God to ease the suffering of those directly affected by the tragedy and then to contact my friends at the Sikh coalition extending my condolences and offering my support.

Within minutes of the tragedy, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community issued a press release condemning the sad incident. MPAC, World Muslim Congress and other Muslim groups also condemned the incident in no time. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA also hosted a prayer vigil in Milwaukee to honor the innocent victims of the temple shooting later in the evening.

Islam teaches that all life is sacred. It urges us to inculcate the values of sympathy and love for humanity. The least we can do is reach out to our local Sikh community to express condolence and show our support. Dear Sikh friends, may God be with you and help you bear this tragedy with patience and prayer. I assure you that your tragedy is ours too and your tears pain our hearts equally.


— Kashif N. Chaudhry (@KashifMD)



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