Muslims ‘condemn all violence’


Originally published in The New Haven Register

As we all know, the media is certainly capable of creating a societal misconception. Since 9/11, media across the globe has shown Islam as a radical religion and a global threat. Islam has been the focus of much scrutiny. After this attack, the term “Islamophobia” arose and exaggerated fear, hatred and hostility towards Islam and its followers. Unfortunately because of this fear of Islam, an Arab man from Oklahoma, an Imam, and the Imam’s assistant have all been killed in hate crimes rooted to Islamophobia.

However, there is no need to be afraid of Muslims. As Ahmadi Muslims, we condemn all violence and follow a peaceful religion. When we say that terrorists are not following Islam in any way, we persistently clarify that we as Americans are united against extremists. Terrorists are in fact our common enemy; they strive to divide us by causing chaos and fear. Whether peace or war, acts of terrorism are not only condemned in Islam, but are also alien to the teachings of Islam involving peace and tranquility through the submission to the will of God.

I am saddened by the deaths of these victims. My thoughts and prayers are with their families.


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By Waleed Saeed