Interfaith Prayer Service for America & the World at Ahmadiyya House of Peace Mosque Meriden as part of National Prayer Week

“And keep thyself attached to those who call on their Lord, morning and evening, seeking His pleasure; and let not thy eyes pass beyond them, seeking the adornment of the life of the world; and obey not him whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance and who follows his evil inclinations, and his case exceeds all bounds” (Holy Quran, Chapter of the Cave [18]: Verse 29).


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community CT hosted a successful Interfaith Prayer Service last Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 from 7 to 8PM in its Baitul Aman “House of Peace” Mosque, 410 Main Street, South Meriden, CT 06451. This was part of the National Prayer Week observance for the Divine guidance of our nation & world towards peace, justice, and righteousness.

We joined over 70 Chapters of America’s oldest and largest Islamic Organization unified behind one spiritual leader, the Khalifa of Islam Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, in holding an evening of spiritually awakening proportions spanning the United States.

Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims who believe in Messiah Ahmad (pbuh), and others came together in an evening of supplication and fellowship in solidarity with a kaleidoscope of clergy and community leaders. We called upon our Creator, united as one, seeking Divine pleasure, nearness, and navigation in an era of divisiveness, amiss, and deteriorating godliness. After spiritual nourishment we betook ourselves to conversation and multicultural refreshments like samosas and kabobs.

Gatherings like this help bring our embracing, healing motto “love for all, hatred for none” to life.

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