Letter: Few Americans know a Muslim

Originally posted by The Columbus Dispatch.

Just hearing the word Islam or Muslim brings emotions like fear and anxiety to many Americans. Thoughts of uncertainty regarding the future of the world and safety of the United States always becomes a topic when discussing Islam.

As a Muslim, I was appalled when someone asked me if I shared the same beliefs as the so-called Muslim terrorists that barbarically slay innocent people. The Pew Research Institute has even reported that a majority of Americans haven’t ever met a Muslim.

These are all testament to how Islam in America is still shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. To address this, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association on Saturday, will be out in public to help bridge the gap between American Muslims and their non-Muslim counterparts. I am tired of barbaric terrorists painting a bad picture of Islam.

I am ready to let my voice be heard now, and I need Americans to listen.

Hassan Syed

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