Originally published in The Huffignton Post The ISIS menace, the atrocities of Syria, the chronic violence between Palestine and Israel, and the current siege on Gaza are a sign of spiritual entropy and political immorality. The political immorality is clear from ongoing civilian casualties. ISIS is killing innocent Christians, 700

Originally published in The Wichita Eagle The taking of innocent lives at the Jewish community center and senior living facility in Overland Park was a heinous act against mankind – and I’m deeply sorry for the families that lost their loved ones. As a Muslim American, I share the same

Originally published in The Chicago Tribune It’s quite tragic that three individuals were killed senselessly and mercilessly outside of a Jewish community center and senior center in Kansas. The suspected gunman, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, was spewing anti-Semitic responses before he went on his violent rampage and showed

Originally published in Chattanooga Free Times Press March 31 was the last day to sign up for health care coverage on The website was part of a greater program under the Affordable Care Act, which was meant to provide health care to people. The main concern of this is

Originally published in The Huffington Post March 8 is International Women’s Day. One crime against women that continues to plague humanity is FGM, i.e female genital mutilation. Experts estimate that some 3 million women suffer through FGM annually. The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book titled EXTREMIST. This

Originally published in San Antonio Express-News   After running 26 miles in a major marathon, one would expect to be greeted by family and friends as they congratulate you on such an amazing feat. However, this year some runners were greeted by bombs. The Boston Marathon Bombings will go down in history as