Originally published: (09/14/2017) The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association held its national Meet A Muslim day this past Saturday, with Muslims from nearly 70 chapters located throughout the United States participating. Because there are a staggering number of Americans who do not personally know a Muslim, AMYA sought to help

Originally Published in Patheos on June 2nd, 2017 Yesterday, I attended a seminar by Professor Mahzarin Banaji of Harvard University on the topic of unconscious bias. It was an incredibly mind-opening seminar that brought many biases I hold to the surface. But it also enabled me, in a way, to

Originally published in San Jose Mercury News – El Cerrito Journal   Recently, Americans countrywide rang in the New Year with joyful celebrations and came together for the annual struggle to fulfill some ambitious New Year’s resolutions. Starting a rigorous workout regimen for that enviable beach bod? Impressive. Traveling more and

Originally published in Citizen Times As an American Muslim, I find it increasingly necessary for me to practice and advocate the true teachings of Islam. In the wake of several isolated incidences of “lone wolf” terrorism inspired by ISIS, there is a greater need to bring to the forefront Islamic