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Love and unity


Originally published: MyRecordJournal.com (09/14/2017) The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association held its national Meet A Muslim day this past Saturday, with Muslims from nearly 70 chapters located throughout the United States participating. Because there are a staggering number of Americans who do not personally know a Muslim, AMYA sought to help people understand the true teachings of Islam. Our...

Letters: Love for all, hatred for none


Letter to the editor published on June 20th in the Orange County Register: Re: “Van veers into pedestrians outside mosque, 1 killed, 10 hurt” [News, June 17]: In the tragic Finsbury Mosque attack yesterday, the local Imam reportedly shielded the captured assailant from an angry mob until the police arrived, so he would not be harmed. In Portland last month, bystanders lost their lives coming to...

Letter: Meriden Honors Muslims


Originally Published in the Hartford Courant on March 9th 2017: The same day President Donald Trump signed a revised executive order obstructing migrants from Muslim majority nations, our Ahmadiyya Muslim Community received the Spirit of Meriden Award at the city’s council meeting [March 7, news, “Trump Signs Revised Entry Ban”]. The difference was like night and day. Our progressive mayor and...

I decry hatred against any religion


Originally Published in Sentinel & Enterprise Hundreds of tombstones were vandalized in a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia over the weekend. Hearing about this was both shocking and upsetting. As a Muslim American, I condemn this cowardly act and pray that the culprits be brought to justice. With the wave of bomb threats to Jewish centers and this recent horrific act, we will stand by our...

Muslim Group Responds To Attack


Originally Published in The Hartford Courant  Amid our heightened prayers, solidarity and speaking out against terrorism, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community CT discovered bullet holes piercing our House of Peace Mosque in Meriden last week. We won’t let this cowardly act of terror scare or stop us in any way, and we thank God no one was injured. As humanitarian Muslims for peace who believe in...

Bigotry and bias


Originally published in The Nation Chapel Hill massacre in North Carolina, where three young students were shot to death on Tuesday was a horrendous incident. To say that they were Muslim,the news would have some weight of discrimination, but the truth is they were. However, the question is has media given the news due coverage? The answer would be a no. I would like to know why? As a member of...

Love for all, hatred for none


Originally published in The Michigan Daily
I’ve always felt safe in America. Granted, growing up as a Muslim American in the post-9/11 era poses its challenges, but I’ve always maintained the “it won’t be me” mentality. That is, until Tuesday evening. The news reported that three innocent Muslim students were brutally murdered in their home near Chapel Hill, N.C.

Muslim students. Just like me...