Letters: Love for all, hatred for none

Letter to the editor published on June 20th in the Orange County Register:

Re: “Van veers into pedestrians outside mosque, 1 killed, 10 hurt” [News, June 17]: In the tragic Finsbury Mosque attack yesterday, the local Imam reportedly shielded the captured assailant from an angry mob until the police arrived, so he would not be harmed. In Portland last month, bystanders lost their lives coming to the defense of a Muslim being verbally harassed by an angry man. In San Bernardino in December 2015, officers of the Sheriff’s Department saved a community from further slaughter by taking out the gunmen.

As an Ahmadi Muslim, we believe in “Love for all, hatred for none.” In these scenarios, terrorism in the name of religion produced heroism in the shade of religion. And that should give us hope that good can conquer evil.

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