Just two weeks after a white supremacist went on an anti-Muslim tirade in Portland that ended with him stabbing three men in the neck, anti-Muslim hate rallies are being organized in over 25 cities across the country this Saturday, June 10th.  All are organized by ACT for America, an organization

Originally published on Time.com I’m a Muslim American. On Nov. 15, two days after the Paris attacks, I boarded a plane from Newark to Houston. I had just returned from a formal event, so I was wearing a plain white “shalwar,” a shirt that stops at the knees and is

Originally publish in the New Haven Register Halloween was over a month ago — a day to revel over ghoulish characters and hideous images. And now we are supposed to be in a season of merry. These days, though, it seems like scenes reminiscent of Halloween continue to haunt us.

Originally published on InsideNova This letter is in response to a story on InsideNoVa.com entitled “Possible ISIS leaflets found in town of Quantico.” Over the past year, there are many examples of youth being attracted by extremists such as ISIS. As a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), it

Originally Published in the Hopkins Halaqa Islam is under attack daily every time you flip the channel. The words “Muslim Extremist” and “Jihadist” are being thrown around like everyday words.  For instance, what does the phrase “Muslim extremist” really imply? One is inclined to think that those who diligently follow