Islamic festival remembers Abraham’s sacrifice for God

Labeeb AhmadLabeeb Ahmad is 14 years old and is currently a freshman in high school. Last year he went to the annual Ohio State Science Fair for his science project "How Do Different Surfaces Affect the Speed of a Tennis Ball?'' He wants to [...]

Misrepresented Religion

Ahmed Malik Originally published in the Star Telegram As painful as it is to admit, the image of Islam in America is tainted. A heinous act 13 years ago by barbarians who claim to be Muslim will forever haunt not only the image of Islam, but [...]

Syrian solution lies at negotiating table

Christopher Cooksey Originally published in The Cap Times The civil war in Syria is in its third year. The war between government loyalists and rebels has claimed some 130,000 lives and displaced millions more. This is in complete discord [...]

Martin Luther King’s dream remains unfulfilled

Imran HayeeM. Imran Hayee is a professor and director of graduate studies in the electrical engineering department at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Originally published in the Duluth News Tribune Aug. 28 marked the 50th anniversary of [...]

Keep doomsday religion out of the Syrian conflict

Faheem Younus QureshiA doctor, a writer, a professor, a student, a family man, a humanitarian – enjoys figuring out the challenges of Muslim American life. Learn more about him at www.Muslimerican.com Originally published in Religion News [...]

Religion of peace

Muslim Writers Guild of AmericaThe premier writers guild in the English language dedicated to defending the honor of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Originally published in The Star-Telegram &  Dallas Morning News   According [...]

Terrorism label should not be linked to peaceful nature of Islam religion

Ahmed KhanAhmed Khan received his BSc in Computer Science from University of Maryland Baltimore County and works as an IT Consultant in Oshkosh. He has published in various local and state newspapers and is an active member of the Muslim Writers [...]
The families of victims grieve near Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a gunman opened fire on school children and staff in Newtown, Connecticut

Muhammad: When bad things happen to good people, maintain trust in God

Qasim RashidQasim received his JD from Richmond Law and his BSc from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He publishes regularly in national and international outlets including USA Today, Washington Post, and NPR. Qasim currently blogs for [...]

Does religion really lead to Intolerance and hatred?

Amer AzizAmer works as a Senior Financial Analyst in Los Angeles, California. As a finance professional he has worked in Pakistan, Dubai, and the United States. He is also an active member of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and holds a keen [...]
islam is peace

Separating religion and its followers

Abdul NaseerAbdul Naseer is a PhD candidate in Theoretical Physics at The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. He is also the president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association at his University. He has published in local newspapers such [...]