Muslim Immigrants in Germany


Originally Published in The New York Times

Germany’s new interior minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, stated this week that Islam “does not belong” in Germany. He continued saying that immigrants should be aware of their host country’s “Christian origins.”

By accusing Muslims of lacking knowledge of Germany’s “Christian origins,” the minister has chosen to disregard his own country’s basic laws of religious freedom. The basic law for Germany states that, “No one may be prejudiced or favored because of his sex, his parentage, his race, his language, his homeland and origin, his faith or his religious or political opinions.”

The minister has expressed views that not only challenge German law, but also invite the kind of religious intolerance we have seen in Pakistan and Iran. Does Germany look to be the face of intolerance in the Western world?

Maaiz Khan, Baltimore

About the author

Maaiz Khan

Maaiz Khan is a senior at Johns Hopkins University studying economics and business. He has been published in over 135 countries and in newspapers like the New York Times. He is very passionate about writing on topics of religious freedom and politics. Currently, he serves as the Vice Chairman of the Muslim Writers Guild of America

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By Maaiz Khan