Poem: My Personal Jihad


In the bombarding trenches of a lawless society

Dodging bullets of obscenity and vulgarity

Everyday of my attenuate life

With much struggle and strife
Fighting in a war against greed and banal lust
The smoke and lure of seduction so thick
Enough to make you lose focus, with the hell fires steaming below your feet
Blinded, on which road to choose
Journeying through this treacherous terrain
The desire to camouflage and conform becomes an instinctive pain
Commercial outfits and decorated manes
Immorality and sins on display
So easy to lose to the struggle

All, so we fall for the illusions of the beast

Our soul clamors for sin, and into the Devil’s lure we crawl

Blackness and rage covers us, blinding us in a forest of deception

The aching fire burning at our skins, and the sentiment of regret showering down upon our personal defeat
But then a light obliterates the dark and all is peace

And you regain your strength and sanity, now impenetrable by the enemies arrows
Because, only a foolish fighter cedes his armor!
Watching loved ones fall left, right and center
Enough to make you want to throw your arms up and surrender!
But sink into ignoble retreat?
In the End—a degrading defeat?
The enemy surrounds
From the front, behind and all around
Even within the struggle continues!

But For the Fear of the Almighty
You must strife! And Never give in!
Fight To the death! For this, too, shall end!

And soon, when it is all said and done.

We will rise from the ashes, our mind and soul purified

The bounties of Allah propelling us into the radiant luminescence.

And we will have conquered our internal struggle

-Safwan Akbar

About the author

Safwan Akbar

Safwan is currently a rising senior at JFK Memorial High School in New Jersey. He aspires to pursue a career in the medical profession, specifically in the field of Cardiology. He spends his time writing and volunteering in his community. Safwan is currently serving as the Youth Coordinator at his local mosque.

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<3 Safwan you're the best

By Safwan Akbar