All faiths must unite against terrorism


Originally Published in The Daily Herald

Sami Hassoun’s anger at the world, perhaps even at the Cubs, could have been overturned had he only followed his daily prescription — face east and prostrate into prayer. This is how Muslims should reconcile their anger, by praying for the salvation of their nation — not by setting plots to destroy the very cities in which we live. This is the oath I have taken as a Muslim and as a citizen of this country, “ … to sacrifice my life for the sake of my faith, country and nation.” Sami, who was accused of placing a backpack he thought held a bomb near Wrigley Field, only fuels the misconceptions about Muslims, and his violent act is not our true practice.

As Americans of all faiths, we need to continue to join together and build a greater shield against those who target our safety in this country. While this doesn’t guarantee a World Series, it is a leap toward a great victory for America. Now that’s a home run!

Kamran KhanMount Prospect

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Kamran Khan

Born in Karachi, Pakistan and raised in Chicago, USA, Kamran is one of the newest members of the Muslim Writers Guild of America. Kamran provides business level strategies working at a derivatives trading firm. Kamran has published in leading English and Spanish newspapers across the United States

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@qmasaud Agreed!!! Qudsia ji

By Kamran Khan