Patience and love for all


Originally Published in The San Francisco Chronicle

As a member of the international Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I wish to appeal to all Muslims to exercise restraint and patience, for Quran says God is with the patient.

Secondly, Quran says not to create disorder on earth whether it is simple misdemeanor or of felonious nature causing property damage or risking human life.

Being patient is not cowardice or taking defeat, it is rising to the level of being righteous that Quran calls “muttaqee.” Love for all, hatred for none.

Hanif Koya, editor,
Muslim News, Hayward



About the author

Hanif Koya

Hanif Koya is a member of the San Francisco Oakland chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. A former lecturer at the Royal Fiji Police College in criminal law and law of evidence, Koya is a court officer at the Superior Court of California. He is editor publisher of Fiji SUN USA and The Muslim News.

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Dr. H. Koya

Dr. Maurice Kanbar -San Francisco multimillionaire- invited me for a lunch after reading the above letter and said he did not that there existed a Muslim Community like Ahmadiyya Muslim who believed differently than other Muslims.

He lamented the Shia/ Sunni killing. He thought Islam treated Jews and Christians as infidels and are to be killed at opportunity.

I corrected his misconception and explained the verse was revealed after years of severe persecution was meted out the Prophet of Islam and his followers by Meccan disbelievers giving permission to against those infidels.

Further explained the origin of the three faith and the believe all prophets of God from Adam to Jesus and Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah (peace and the blessings of God be on him).

Also shared that the Holy Quran referred to Christians and Jews as the people of the book just as Muslims are.

By Hanif Koya