Prophet pushed for educating women


Originally Published in The New Haven Register

I was shocked to learn that 15-year-old Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai was recently shot in the head by a Taliban gunman just because she advocated for a woman’s right to an education.

Did these trigger-happy extremists know or care that the Prophet Muhammad had said that educating your daughters will earn you paradise?

Based on this advice, my grandmother, a devout Muslim, was encouraged by her family to go on to become a physics professor.

Muslim women, young and old, who pursue higher learning, are an inspiration for all of us.

And unlike the Taliban gunman, they live out their faith.


About the author

Khalid Husain

Khalid Husain, in sixth grade, is the first “young” Muslim Writers Guild of America member to have published in a major American Newspaper.

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By Khalid Husain