Ad campaign doesn’t understand issues

Originally Published in The Daily Herald

I wonder how someone like Pamela Geller can be associated with “American Freedom,” since she seems to be out of touch with Americans. She has alienated many Americans by promoting a narrow-minded view by way of an advertising campaign which has not resulted in any good.

Her group’s recent ads, which were essentially forced upon the CTA in the name of freedom, demonstrate that her group is ignorant of basic Islamic teachings — for example, the meaning of the term “jihad.” How can anyone make an argument against something about which they have very little knowledge?

If Ms. Geller has a problem with Muslims or Islam in general, there are better ways for her to address it than by engaging in name-calling and the like. I hope that she and others like her change their approach and instead, begin to have open and honest discussions about the issues in a civilized manner.

Aadil Ahmad


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